Art in Fused Glass – Saturday, June 24



Saturday June 24

Time: 12 PM – 3PM

Location: Mancos Public Library

Welcoming all regardless of experience, this workshop will teach how to create an art piece on an 8”x8” piece of clear glass using glass pieces, stringers, glass as fine as sand and small bits in an array of colors. The piece is fired in a kiln to create the final look. Participants can use the theme of the class or their own idea to create an 8”x8” piece, two 4”x8” pieces, or eight 1”x8” pieces for wind chimes.

Participants will learn:

~ Use of types of glass, tools and supplies used in this art
~ Procedure of cleaning and preparing glass
~ The creative process and attributes of types of glass
~ How to pick and design a piece
~ What to do if something doesn’t work or you change your mind
~ The different look of a tack fuse and a full fuse.
~ How the piece can be displayed.

All materials provided in class fee. At the end of the class students will leave their piece to be fused. They can pick it up the following week on June 30,  4:00-7:00 in the small meeting room in the Mancos Public Library.

No experience required

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About The Instructor:

Nancy Byers attended art classes in oil painting at the Art Students League of Denver for three years and an art class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on portrait painting. After moving to Durango during the Covid shutdown and buying a new house, she wanted Aspen trees in glass for her front door sidelight. Three years of making and learning fused glass and helping teach classes at Get Fused led to her forming her fused glass business Nancy a Byers Art LLC. She also has a degree in Elementary Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has taught many things including flying and was an airline pilot for twenty years while she was a full-time mom.

Facebook/Instagram: Nancy Byers Art