Discover your Self -Healing Powers with Transformational Breath ™ and Deep Imagery “Shamanic” Journeys – May 13



Saturday, May 13, 2023
9 AM –1 PM
LOCATION:The Harmony Barn, 45262 Road J.8, Mancos, Colorado (just 4 miles east of Mancos of off hwy 160)

Do you want more peace of mind-heart, confidently able to deal with your life?  Learn the basics of 2 natural self-healing tools.

TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH™, a therapeutic self-empowering breathing system,  both calms & energizes the whole person, anchoring you in core self-acceptance, more joy in who you are. Learn how to relieve anxiety, stress, depression.

“SHAMANIC” HEALING JOURNEYS uses your deep imagination to shift consciousness & discover natural Inner Wisdom, receive healing messages from your animal spirit helpers (without any substance use). You will make a drawing of your Animal Spirit.

What students will learn and take home:

  • the cyclical diaphragmatic breathing pattern of Transformational Breath™
  • how to monitor their own breathing process
  • how to correct shallow breathing.
  • the benefits of Transformational Breath to relieve anxiety, stress in daily life situations, release repressed emotions from old trauma without retelling stories.
  • Positive affirmations related to breathing and their life


  • how to open their deep imagination to access their Inner Guidance and Inner Wisdom for better self-care and self-compassion,
  • how to engage with their animal spirit helpers
  • how to call on these helpers for support & guidance in ordinary life problems.
  • to trust and rely on the authenticity and credibility of this inner resource
  • They will  take home their writings and artwork based on their experience


Snack, light blanket, head pillow, 2nd pillow for under knees, eye mask,  favorite drawing tools (crayons, colored pencils, etc), journal or notebook, water bottle


Adults only

57.00 per person

Minimum 4 student.  Maximum 10 students.  

9 in stock


About The Instructor:

Florence Gaia RN, M.Ed, has been a modern medicine woman for 25 years. She worked as a hospital psychiatric nurse for 17 years before returning to her true passion: helping clients calm the clatter of self-criticism and listen to their true Inner Self. Florence teaches people how to soothe their nervous system with Transformational Breath™, for more inner peace. She guides them to connect to their Inner Truth with deep imagery work, for more gentle self-acceptance. This work helps free people of old traumas, to live with self love, and a lighter heart. Florence has lived in the Durango area for 20 years with a deep love for Colorado wilderness and wildlife.