“For the Birds:” A Gourd Birdhouse – April 22



Saturday  April 22, 2023
10 AM to 5 PM
Location: Artist Studio | 33701 Rd. K8, Mancos, CO (across from Mesa Verde National Park)

Welcome back your feathered friends with a beautiful and functional gourd birdhouse. Learn what our wild birds prefer as an opening hole, their “interior” decorating and space needs along with proper placement of their new home. You will have a “move in ready” home for them by the end of the class.

Learn how easy it is to put designs on your gourd for wood burning with 1 easy step. You will learn wood burning techniques, coloring with dyes, use of stencils and finishing the gourd to ensure outdoor durability.

Options include preparing the gourd for either a functional or decorative use.

Materials: $20 to be paid to Janice during the class.
If student owns a wood burner they should bring it to class, otherwise will be sharing. Apron to protect clothes from dyes. Scissors & heat gun. There will be tools that can be shared.

Adults only.

Bring your own lunch, lunch break provided.

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About the Instructor: Janice Reich

My journey into art began late in life but with a big BAM! In 2002, in northern California, I encountered my first gourd….a Mayan drum. After seeing other art objects from gourds my interest grew in this odd, dried plant. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I had an unquenchable desire to express myself in a new environment. I found art! Fascinated with all the different aspects of how a gourd can be transformed I started my education through books and classes. My talent flourished and my passion as an artist was quickly reinforced with multiple awards.

My art takes on the natural form of the gourd that then becomes intertwined with other components. Each shape gives me inspiration for a unique design – with surprises along the way.

I am very proud to offer a unique art form from such a natural medium.