iPhone Photography – July 29



iPhone Photography with Jeri Burzin

Saturday, July 29
10 AM – 3PM (with a lunch break)
Mancos Public Library

Are you traveling a lot and want to lighten your baggage and not carry a lot of equipment? Would you like to capture beautiful memories from the places you visit, and/or take better photos of your family events? These are just some of the many reasons people want to understand and learn more about their iPhone Cameras and improve their skills and photographs with practical, hands on experience.

Students will learn about the basic, hidden, and edit functions of their iPhone cameras, and how the elements of light, composition, and camera functions are essential for making great photographs. Participants will have the opportunity to practice what they learn; photograph, edit, and benefit from positive feedback from their peers and instructor. Students will have handout materials to take with them to use for reference and review.

No experience needed. Students should bring their own lunch and a fully charged iphone.


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About the Instructor:

Jeri Burzin has been an educator most of her life and a photographer and mixed media artist whose challenge continues to be finding beauty to photograph in her ‘backyard’ as well as in her travels. “Designs in Nature” are often the subject of Jeri’s work and showing how the commonplace may become the unusual with photography continues be a motivating force. The Southwest and Jeri’s home state of New Mexico with beautiful landscapes, colors, patterns, and cultures continue to capture Jeri’s attention.  To see Jeri’s work visit: www.jeriburzin.com