Menopausal Women Igniting the Sacred Fire Within – A Rite of Passage – Saturday, October 7



Menopausal Women Igniting the Sacred Fire Within – A Rite of Passage

Saturday, October 7, 2023
9 AM –4:30 PM
LOCATION: Wilde Spirit Retreat, Durango

If you have questions about the workshop, please call Florence directly: 978/270-2230

Wake up to an expanded empowered Self and Purpose entering this stage of life! A day to dive into soul consciousness to be free from cultural conditioning rising with the natural powers of Transformational Breath and Shamanic Healing Journeys. The morning is opening your breath, clearing mind and heart, connecting with an Animal Spirit guide, hearing its encouraging message. The afternoon will be meditative time outside, painting your candle and participating in the MoonPause Lodge ceremony.

All ages welcome

• A breathwork practice to energize body & relieve anxiety, difficult emotions
• how to access Inner Guidance/Higher Self through spirit guides to receive support & counsel
• Meditation time outside with Mother Earth grounding in her energy, awakening to her care and wisdom
• Connecting, sharing with other women related to this life transition
• A painted candle to mark this rite of passage
• Participating in, being initiated into the MoonPause Lodge ceremony
• Going home with an expanded empowered sense of Self & purpose.

What to Bring:

Bring water bottle, journal, small towel to cover eyes. Lunch.

$128.00 per person, all materials provided.

Minimum 3 student.  Maximum 8 students.  

8 in stock


About The Instructor:

Florence Gaia RN, M.Ed, has been a modern medicine woman for 25 years. She worked as a hospital psychiatric nurse for 17 years before returning to her true passion: helping clients calm the clatter of self-criticism and listen to their true Inner Self. Florence teaches people how to soothe their nervous system with Transformational Breath™, for more inner peace. She guides them to connect to their Inner Truth with deep imagery work, for more gentle self-acceptance. This work helps free people of old traumas, to live with self love, and a lighter heart. Florence has lived in the Durango area for 20 years with a deep love for Colorado wilderness and wildlife.