Shake, Rattle & Roll: Making a Gourd Shekere – Rescheduled for April 29



RESCHEDULED for Saturday April 29th, 2023
10 AM to 4 PM
Location: Mancos Public Library

Drums and related percussion instruments are found throughout the world. In this class you will be introduced to one of the most common forms of a gourd rattle in Africa which is a shekere. There are many different variations of a shekere but all share an important element, a gourd covered by a loose-fitting netting, into which are woven beads, shells, bones, seed pods or metal.

The gourd shekere generates sounds when you shake, pull, twist, or tap its net. Once you master this organic instrument, you can make a wide variety of beats and sounds. Although the shekere has its roots in Africa, it is also very popular in Brazil and Cuba.

You will have a completely prepped, ready to use gourd for this class. Just choose the one that “speaks” to you. Then, you will learn how to make a collar from string, various knotting techniques as you add and knot the netting.This is very similar to simple macrame.

Adding the beads is where you creativity really comes into play. You will learn bead placement and color designs. While this class will get you started with the basics, you will still go home with a wonderful sounding instrument and the knowledge to make more if you so desire.

Min and Max Students: 3 – 6

Materials Price: $25.00 (to be paid directly to Janice at the beginning of the class)

Needed Materials: Awl, Scissors, Beads if they have some special ones to incorporate only, the bulk are provided. Large bowl to hold the gourd.

Lunch: Students will bring their own lunch

Age/Experience: Adults only, no experience required

Additional Information: Students will receive a cut, oiled and project ready gourd along with an assortment of colored beads and cordage to choose from. Complete tutorial is provided for each student.

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About the Instructor: Janice Reich

My journey into art began late in life but with a big BAM! In 2002, in northern California, I encountered my first gourd….a Mayan drum. After seeing other art objects from gourds my interest grew in this odd, dried plant. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I had an unquenchable desire to express myself in a new environment. I found art! Fascinated with all the different aspects of how a gourd can be transformed I started my education through books and classes. My talent flourished and my passion as an artist was quickly reinforced with multiple awards.

My art takes on the natural form of the gourd that then becomes intertwined with other components. Each shape gives me inspiration for a unique design – with surprises along the way.

I am very proud to offer a unique art form from such a natural medium.