Take Charge of Your Life NOW! – Saturday, March 23



Take Charge of Your Life NOW!

Saturday, March 23, 2024
9:30 am –1:30 pm
LOCATION: Mancos Public Library

If you have questions about the workshop, please contact Florence directly: 978/270-2230, [email protected]

Empower yourself beyond Struggle to THRIVE! Be Calm in the Storm.
Introductory workshop on ancient healing practices that
unveil your natural power to go beyond old wounds, challenge limiting beliefs you inherited, soothe your nervous system, awaken your innate wisdom, live with gentle self-acceptance, vitality and inner peace.
• Tame the Tormenter Inner Critic, Hear Your Kind Voice! – Make an affirmation sign.
• Transformational Breath™ – Open your breathing, change your life.
• Shamanic Journeys – Open to your higher consciousness. (NO plant medicine)

No experience necessary.

Students will begin learning & experiencing ancient healing practices and how to use them in daily life to be more grounded in an expanded sense of self. They will awaken and activate their own self healing powers so they have a better sense of their own ability and confidence to deal with the uncertainties of life, personal problems and have an inner sense of stability even in turbulent times.
Students will take home writings in their personal journal and a 8″ x 12″ affirmation poster. They will also decorate & take home a claiming stick for closing ceremony.

What to Bring:

Personal journal, water bottle, lunch, 5-6 inch rock, 8-9ft of light weight string, colorful markers or pencils, playful stickers to decorate affirmation sign.

$68.00 per person

Minimum 4 student.  Maximum 12 students.  

10 in stock


About The Instructor:

Florence Gaia RN, M.Ed, has been a modern medicine woman for 25 years. She worked as a hospital psychiatric nurse for 17 years before returning to her true passion: helping clients calm the clatter of self-criticism and listen to their true Inner Self. Florence teaches people how to soothe their nervous system with Transformational Breath™, for more inner peace. She guides them to connect to their Inner Truth with deep imagery work, for more gentle self-acceptance. This work helps free people of old traumas, to live with self love, and a lighter heart. Florence has lived in the Durango area for 20 years with a deep love for Colorado wilderness and wildlife.    www.wildespiritretreat.com