The Horse in Art: Learning to Draw & Paint Horses / September 23



The Horse in Art: Learning to Draw & Paint Horses

Saturday, September 23, 10 AM – 4 PM

Location: Artist’s Barn Studio / 11519 Rd 42, Mancos, CO

For artists of all levels and ages, we will spend the first half scribbling the structure of a horse, and getting the feel of the animal. The second half of the workshop will focus on color, lighting, shading, and placing the horse in a composition for a finished piece.  We will plan to draw, and then to paint with watercolor on canvas, an excellent learning medium. Cost includes materials and a small canvas. Feel free to bring Breyer models, horse books, or any photos of favorite horses. If there is a special medium you enjoy working with, bring it with you. Horses, art, music, popcorn, fun!

Students will get a great start in approaching the horse in art, and will also learn how to learn. We will hope to have students go home with a piece that is finished or can be finished at home.

Material Costs: Included – We will provide drawing materials and paper, watercolors, and a small canvas.  Students may bring other art supplies.
Bring snacks and a lunch

Minimum 2 students.  Maximum 8 students.  

7 in stock


About The Instructor:

Wendy Francisco comes from a family of artists and was an art major, painting and working in multiple mediums.  She’s owned her own galley, illustrated children’s books, and has done YouTube animations. Wendy also grew up working on a dude ranch and spending hours leading trails, training horses, and sketching them on site.  Wendy’s mother operated an art studio with classes, and Wendy kept up that family tradition by hosting art classes in her home. She’s just relocated to the Mancos area and is delighted to begin classes here.