Writing workshop at Willowtail Springs / Tuesday, April 16



Writing Workshop at Willowtail Springs with Joy Martin

Tuesday, April 16
9:45 am – 2 pm (Bring your own lunch)
LOCATION: Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center / 10451 Rd 39, Mancos

There is a scholarship available for this class, please contact Jody at [email protected] to apply BEFORE registering.

You have a story to share. We want to hear it and help you bring it to life. 

Whether you’re eager to revise an existing piece or jumpstart your writing, this interactive workshop provides space for curiosity and enrichment. Step into the courageous art and practice of moving words from your head into the world around you. This four-hour workshop incorporates writing, peer review, reading, and discussion time. You’ll depart Willowtail’s whimsical bubble with renewed energy and confidence to keep going.  All writing levels welcome. 

Please do writing prompts before class: 

Writing prompt:  

Write 500 words about the seasons.  

Dig further:  

Don’t overthink this. The assignment is an open invitation to your imagination.  

Picture who might read this. Keep your audience in mind throughout the writing.  

What part of your story do you hope your children, or the next generation, know?  

You could write about your favorite or least favorite season of the year, a childhood memory, the seasons of your life, the contents of your spice cabinet, or…  

You might explore your favorite place or one that’s impacted your life’s direction.  

You could recount a trauma, a miracle, a birth, a death, or something humorous.   

Get started:  

Drop us right into the scene. Describe the sounds, smells, colors, textures, and other details only you can see.  

What is your main point? If you had one sentence, how would you sum up your intention?  


  • Breathe.  
  • Loosen up.  
  • Be curious.  
  • Trust your voice. 
  •  Tell the truth. 

Minimum 4 students.  Maximum 10 students.  

10 in stock


About The Instructor:

Joy Martin is a writer, facilitator, and community builder based in Durango, Colorado. Learn more at findjoymartin.com.