Kelly HorriganLeather Craft

Kelly Horrigan is a fashion designer and educator. She has been a professor at Pratt Institute since 2000. Kelly has taught jewelry workshops and sandal making among other classes. Her work has been worn by Janet Jackson, Steven Tyler, Debbie Harry and featured in Vogue,, The New York Times and seen on NBC’s The Voice and Bravo TV.

  • I love that my instructor ethically sources all her materials and imparts so much knowledge about their properties, spiritually. Kelly's fine craftsmanship, creative ideas, and positive energy make all her workshops a pleasure.

    Mary McCartney
  • For those of you who have not taken a class from Kelly, you are totally missing out! Kelly is an amazing instructor. She is so clear in her directions. I'm not an artistic person, but I have taken several classes from Kelly, and each time I take home a piece of art or jewelry that I am proud of displaying. She has a way of getting your creative juices flowing. So when you hear yourself saying, "I'm not artistic or creative", don't let that you stop from taking a class from Kelly. You have it in you.....take my word for it!

    Jana Goldstein
  • Kelly’s workshops are SO much fun and very inspiring. The materials she supplies are fabulous. It’s easy to make really cool stuff and with Kelly’s techniques and coaching. I highly recommend her jewelry and totem-based classes!!!

    June McCartney

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