Lily RussoMosaic artist

    Lily started making mosaics as a child using the scraps from her mother’s stained glass window projects. An entrepreneur at an early age, at 17 she turned her passion into a business specializing in mosaic furniture. Lily studied painting at the University of Illinois and graduated with a B.A. in International Studies, with a concentration on Human Rights in Latin America. After college she worked at the Institute of Mosaic Art where she added largescale tile mosaic installation to her skill set. She has lived abroad in Ecuador, Mexico, Asia, and Australia and is inspired by the intricate patterns and rich colors of indigenous designs. In addition to making mosaics, painting, drawing, sewing and other crafts, Lily enjoys the outdoors, travelling, reading, cooking, music and dancing, being with her husband, son, and friends, and teaching and practicing yoga and meditation.

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